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[.] The Egmont System

Shell / Users

Name: egmont.c4systm.com Memory: 64 Mb / 60 ns EDO Type: A/Open P6/200 PCL Disks: 3 SCSI / 6.0 Gb capacity O/S: FreeBSD 3.2 Unix Tape: 30 Gb SCSI Archive

Named for a character in one of Goethe's dramas, "Egmont" is multi-plex! Not only is it the primary Domain Name Server at C4, but it also is the secondary WWW server, and the Shell login system. When you need to pick up your Email, Egmont has it waiting for you. All of the personal Home Pages our users have created are located on Egmont.

Additionally, it serves as the primary Radius authentication server. Like the majority of Internet Service Providers around the world (in Michigan there's Merit, Msen, and RustNet to name a few), C4 Systems is using Radius authentication techniques to verify it's Internet users. Egmont is in charge of the iPass Global Roaming authentication, also.

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