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[.] The Goethe System

X Windows/Development

Name: goethe.c4systm.com Memory: 128 Mb / 60 ns EDO Type: A/Open P6/200+ PCL Disks: 3 SCSI / 5.3 Gb capacity O/S: FreeBSD 3.1 Unix Tape: 30 Gb SCSI Archive

Named for > Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) the German poet, dramatist, and scientist, the "Goethe" system is the main file server machine here at C4. Along with the Unix Development System and a load of server software, other software products include: Informix 4.2 Relational Database Development System, CASE 4GL Development Tools created "in-house", mSQL database engine, Progress95 database engine, FrameMaker 4.2 Publishing Software, and various compilers, editors, and debuggers. We all use Goethe as our secondary Domain Name Server.

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