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[.] The Haven System

A Windows 95 Machine

Name: haven.c4systm.com Memory: 48 Mb / 70 ns SIMM Type: A/Open P5/133 PCL Disks: 1 EIDE / 2.4 Gb capacity O/S: MS-DOS/Windows 95 Tape: None

The Haven system is our resident PC. It is used for testing and virus checking of DOS programs, documentation creation using PageMaker v5.0 and Word for Windows v7.0, and HTML document creation using HoTMetaL, htmlasst, htmlwrit, and Word for Windows v7.0. We use Netscape 3.0 and Mosaic 2.7 for Web access, and XVision for connecting to our Unix X-Window systems. Network access (local) is achieved with FTP OnLine software.

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