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[.] The News System

Primary Usenet News Server

Name: news.knownews.net Memory: 128 Mb / 60 ns EDO Type: A/Open P6/300+ PCL Disks: 6 SCSI / 26.2 Gb capacity O/S: FreeBSD 3.1 Unix Tape: 30 Gb SCSI Archive

Whenever there is a request to read Usenet News, or when new News comes in, our "News" machines goes into action - and that is almost constant !

Usenet News comes in to the News system from three sources: from our satellite news feed, from Sprintnet via the Internet, and from the ClariNet News Service for our AP and Reuters news wire feeds. Total news volume is from 5 Gb to over 10 Gb of new News articles each day ! At any moment in time, we have available on our News system approximately one million articles in over 50,000 newsgroups - probably the largest selection in Michigan ! Happy reading !!

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