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[.] The Werthur System

Mail / UUCP / ftp / gopher / WWW

Name: werthur.c4systm.com Memory: 128 Mb / 60 ns EDO Type: A/Open P6/200+ PCL Disks: 2 SCSI / 8.4 Gb capacity O/S: FreeBSD 3.1 Unix Tape: 2 x 2.5 Gb SCSI Archive

Named for a character in one of Goethe's dramas, "Werthur" is the main Mail Host and UUCP access point in the C4 network of computers. Any email received for C4 subscribers comes through Werthur, and most of the email that is sent from C4, goes through Werthur also. UUCP users files are stored here for eventual pick-up, along with accepting UUCP users files for processing by the News System, or the email system here at Werthur. The C4 ftp and gopher systems are on Werthur, along the Microsoft Frontpage compatible WWW Server.

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