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This directory contains Graphics files (in many different formats) and Graphics-related information on the subject of Fine Arts. The various sub-directories contain files for specific artists or categories.

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[thumbnail of 11+.jpg] Size: 54 KB
Dims: 450 x 652
Type: JPG
Name: 11+.jpg
[thumbnail of 19+++.jpg] Size: 26 KB
Dims: 272 x 768
Type: JPG
Name: 19+++.jpg
[thumbnail of 2.jpg] Size: 25 KB
Dims: 450 x 642
Type: JPG
Name: 2.jpg
[thumbnail of 20+.jpg] Size: 31 KB
Dims: 450 x 634
Type: JPG
Name: 20+.jpg
[thumbnail of 21+.jpg] Size: 45 KB
Dims: 517 x 768
Type: JPG
Name: 21+.jpg
[thumbnail of 26++.jpg] Size: 22 KB
Dims: 415 x 600
Type: JPG
Name: 26++.jpg
[thumbnail of 27++.jpg] Size: 17 KB
Dims: 528 x 600
Type: JPG
Name: 27++.jpg
[thumbnail of asl003.jpg] Size: 23 KB
Dims: 333 x 611
Type: JPG
Name: asl003.jpg
[thumbnail of aslan+++.jpg] Size: 47 KB
Dims: 640 x 480
Type: JPG
Name: aslan+++.jpg
[thumbnail of aslan++.jpg] Size: 48 KB
Dims: 640 x 480
Type: JPG
Name: aslan++.jpg
[thumbnail of aslan+.jpg] Size: 35 KB
Dims: 640 x 480
Type: JPG
Name: aslan+.jpg
[thumbnail of aslan.jpg] Size: 35 KB
Dims: 640 x 480
Type: JPG
Name: aslan.jpg
[thumbnail of aslan01.jpg] Size: 26 KB
Dims: 391 x 480
Type: JPG
Name: aslan01.jpg
[thumbnail of aslan012.jpg] Size: 61 KB
Dims: 365 x 480
Type: JPG
Name: aslan012.jpg
[thumbnail of aslan02.jpg] Size: 29 KB
Dims: 356 x 480
Type: JPG
Name: aslan02.jpg

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